Need Reroofing Services in Saint Paul, MN?

Need Reroofing Services in Saint Paul, MN?

We work on composite shingle, metal and cedar shake roofs

Want a quick turnaround on your leaky roof repair? Looking for a diligent contractor to work on your new construction project? Turn to the pros from Superior Classic, Inc. for any roof installation, inspection, repair or reroofing services you'll need in Saint Paul, MN. We use high-quality materials from Contractors Supply and Owens Corning.

Was your roof damaged in a fire? Reach out to us today for roof replacement services.

Check out the signs that you need roof replacement services

When wind and hail relentlessly beat down on Saint Paul, MN, make sure your roof is strong enough to withstand the storm. How can you tell if you need roof replacement services? Look for these signs:

Squirrels or birds nesting in your attic
Cracked, missing, mossy or curled shingles
Discolored or sagging sections
Ice dams along your roof's edge

If you've noticed any of these signs, call 651-774-5582 ASAP to schedule an inspection. After the evaluation, trust us for efficient repair or reroofing services.